CREATION Life is about individual tales of change, improvement, new energy, and peace. When people decide to alter their lives–when they make personal commitments to make wiser choices, to enjoy adequate rest, to celebrate the best in their environment, and more–amazing things happen. CREATION Life is about real people who have moved beyond depression, who have lost weight, who have fixed broken relationships, and who can finally wake up without fear. God wants you to be healthy and happy, and we are here to help you along your journey. 

“I felt my life was starting to deteriorate a little. Since starting CREATION Life I’ve quit smoking and I’ve lost weight. CREATION Life teaches you how to live without all of the bad stuff. I’ve been able to sleep better. I don’t feel like I’m losing my breath at night. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t want to do any bad things to hurt myself anymore. But you have to take baby steps. I have stomach problems and my stomach problems have almost completely gone away. My attitude is now so much better. CREATION Life principles have changed my attitude completely. Putting all of CREATION Life together is like a package for a healthier lifestyle. It helps get you into a great routine. I want to learn more. I really want to learn more.”

Eileen S.

“I wanted to find a better and healthier way of living. The way I’ve been living… I knew it wasn’t healthy. I needed a little help, a little push. I’m learning more and more each day and putting it into practice. I’ve lost 7lbs, and I haven’t even finished the course. But it’s not about losing weight, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle. Hearing my son say “Oh Mommy this is healthy, I like this!” is a great thing. The choices that you make will impact your life forever.”

Anne D.

“My wife had health conditions and I did too, and we needed to make some serious changes. You get into CREATION Life and you take it one letter at a time. It’s like taking your entire life and breaking it down into 8 increments. And every time you go through one you learn a little bit about yourself that you didn’t know before. My energy levels have increased, I’m sleeping better, my diet is better, I’m making changes, and I love it… I really do. When you start setting goals and accomplishing them, suddenly you feel good about yourself. It’s made such a tremendous impact on my life, I don’t know why I didn’t do this before. It’s been a fantastic thing for us.”

Ed W.

“The doctors weren’t getting anywhere with the symptoms I was having. I believe strongly in my spiritual growth so I decided… why not trust the Creator who created me to really know how to fix me? Since starting CREATION Life I’ve made a lot of small changes. I learned about why I was having a lot of my problems, which is something even my doctors were unable to pinpoint. My stress levels went way down. As I started getting results it gave me even more motivation. I found myself sharing what I had learned, and that actually reinforces it all. There is no pressure. If you fail at something, you just step right back up. Truth be told this is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Lillian B.

“Since starting CREATION Life I’ve lost almost 15 pounds. I found that it’s not just about nutrition and exercise. It’s about a lot of different things. You can choose the way you want to live, and you can choose to make your life better. Down the road I would love to teach CREATION Life.”

Evelyn C.