What is happening to CREATION Life?

CREATION Life is now under the umbrella of the newly developed Wholeness framework and will continue to be available as we move to an updated digital format. While the guiding principles of CREATION Life remain integral to our approach, the Wholeness framework allows us to expand our resources and support to include areas that do not easily fit within CREATION Life’s principles. This new approach is geared towards providing more comprehensive whole-person care.

What does the Wholeness framework mean for me as a customer?

The Wholeness framework will allow you to access a wider range of resources for whole-person health and wellness. It brings new opportunities for growth and exploration through the four pathways of Love, Heal, Grow and Live. It offers a more holistic approach to your health journey.

Will the guiding principles of CREATION Life change?

No, the guiding principles of CREATION Life will remain the same and are integrated within the larger framework of Wholeness. Our commitment to these principles is unwavering.

Why is this change happening?

As we continue to grow and expand our mission, we identified the need for a more comprehensive approach to whole-person care. The Wholeness framework allows us to incorporate additional ways to achieve whole-person health and wellness, creating a broader range of resources for our customers.

Will CREATION Life courses still be available?

Yes, the Lifestyle Training and Seminar Leader Training under CREATION Life will still be available. They will be updated to align more closely with the Wholeness framework. The Early Childhood Education programs will be transferred to our partners at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (NAD).

I subscribe to the CREATION Life newsletter. Will I still receive it?

Yes, but it will transition into a Wholeness newsletter. It will contain similar valuable content, now presented from the perspective of the Wholeness framework. We will continue to engage you with content that is relevant and up-to-date.

Will there be a new Wholeness website and blog?

As we transition to Wholeness, we will also transition our digital presence. Stay tuned for updates about our new Wholeness website and blog.

What will happen to the existing CREATION Life social media pages?

Our CREATION Life social media platforms will gradually transition into Wholeness, maintaining the same mission of promoting whole-person health and wellness. We’ll start introducing Wholeness content into our regular posting schedule, and eventually fully transition to the Wholeness framework.

How will this transition affect the online store?

As part of our transition to Wholeness, we’re moving towards a digital-first approach. As we develop new digital resources and offerings under the Wholeness Framework, they will be made available through other platforms. Our physical products will still be available through our online store.

What will happen to CREATION Kids?

Our CREATION Kids program, including Vacation Bible School (VBS), Mission Kit, and other resources, will be transitioned into the Wholeness framework. We will integrate our new model into the program content, thereby providing a comprehensive approach to whole-child care. We will communicate further details as this transition progresses.

What about international products?

As part of our vision to expand and enhance our international presence, we are committed to offering our products in various languages. We are currently working on translations and adjustments to suit different cultural contexts. Our aim is to make Wholeness resources accessible to communities worldwide, promoting whole-person care globally.

Will there be new programs or initiatives launched under Wholeness?

Yes, we are excited to launch new programs under the Wholeness brand. These programs will cover areas that do not easily fit within CREATION Life’s principles and will be announced through our newsletter and social media channels as they are released.

What resources are available now?

All our current CREATION Life materials are available in our online store and training platform. Additionally, you can find our video content on YouTube and Vimeo. As we transition to Wholeness, we will develop new resources and update the availability on our platforms.

How can I learn more about Wholeness?

We will be sharing more information about Wholeness through our social media platforms and newsletter, so we encourage you to stay tuned for updates. We’re excited to journey with you into this new chapter of whole-person health and wellness.

How can I contribute or be part of the transition to Wholeness?

We welcome and appreciate the active participation of our community. As we make this transition, we will keep you informed about various ways you can contribute and be a part of the change.

I still have some concerns about this change. Who can I speak to for more information?

We understand that change can bring up questions and concerns. Our team is here to assist you. You can reach out to our customer support team at info@creationlife.com for more information.

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