CREATION Kids Adventures of the CHC

The adventure begins when brother and sister Derek and Bethany Hunter try to get healthier by starting a running club with their friends. They soon discover they’ll need more than just exercise for a healthy and happy life. This live-action musical was written and produced exclusively for CREATION Health and is just the thing to get kids excited about the adventure of happy, healthy living. Perfect for home, school, or a church movie-night.

Mystery in the CREATION Clubhouse

When friends Oliver, Gabbie, and Freddie start building a clubhouse out of an old shed, they discover a strange inscription written on the wall—the word CREATION. A nearby clue sets them on a journey to discover the meaning of the word and to uncover the mystery of how to live a healthy and happy life. This eight-part DVD series teaches kids the principles of CREATION Health in a fun and exciting way. It is great for use at home, at school, at church, or for after school clubs.