Why the new name — CREATION Life?

You were born to enjoy a life that is active, vibrant, and filled with joy. This new name better expresses our promise to feel whole and our belief that true wellness is impacted by all areas of life; Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust in God, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition.

While the eight timeless principles that make up the CREATION acronym will remain, the change comes with some exciting new plans to help you incorporate these principles into your life and create habits for lasting change.

When will new CREATION Life products be available?

We are currently in the process of developing new CREATION Life products and will make them available in our Shop as they are finished. You can provide your email to receive alerts about new product releases by clicking HERE.

Should I continue to use my CREATION Health products?

Yes, you are welcome to continue to use and share.

Where can I buy CREATION Health products until more CREATION Life products are available?

CREATION Health products are still available for purchase as we work on developing and releasing new CREATION Life products. You may browse and purchase our current CREATION Health products HERE.

Will the CREATION Kids name change?

Our CREATION Kids name will stay the same. You are welcome to continue to use and share.

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